Welcome to the Chair for Life Science Informatics

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Group Statement

Our field of research is Life Science Informatics. We develop methods and algorithms in computer science, driven by and to support research questions in biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, medicine and related life science areas. Examples include our pioneering work of modelling metabolism in plants including novel multi-scale modelling approaches and, together with the group of Kim Marriott, establishing the new research area of Immersive Analytics. Our research foci are the analysis of biological networks and systems, the visualisation and immersive analytics of life science data, the modelling of cellular processes from metabolism to cells, as well as knowledge representation in biology and medicine. We aim to make these novel algorithms and methods available in open source software, tools and databases.


Chair for Life Science Informatics
Prof. Dr. Falk Schreiber
Department of Computer and Information Science, Box 76
University of Konstanz
78457 Konstanz

Phone (secretary Christine Agorastos): +49 (0)7531 88 4431
Email (secretary Christine Agorastos): christine.agorastos@uni-konstanz.de